Friday, May 19, 2017

Kliksat Farhad Frequency in AzerSpace 1 / Africasat-1A 46° East

About Kliksat Farhad

Medium:                                   Kliksat International Persian Kurdish Television
Region:                                    All Farsi Speaking terretories, mainly IRAN, UAE, Afghanistan
Language:                               FARSI (Persian)
Program:                                  24 hours Family oriented Program
Program offer:                       Cultural (live-) Shows, International Music Program, Feature Films,Children Program, Comedy, Education, History, Sports
Traget market:                        Farsispeaking population in Iran, UAE, Afghanistan and abroad
Modes of advertising:          Classic TV Spot Ads

Satellite : AzerSpace 1 / Africasat-1A 46° East
Frequency : 11043 
Pol : V  
Symbole : 5000

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