Sunday, December 4, 2016

SportsMax 1/2 '' Frequency and key Powervu '' تردد قناة

SportsMax is a Caribbean cable and satellite television network owned by Digicel, specializing in the broadcasting of sporting events. It consists of two channels: SportsMax and SportsMax 2.

SportsMax is broadcast on a regional basis, headquartered in Jamaica and is transmitted through cable operators in each English-speaking Caribbean territory.

Sports Coverage Events and competitions that are currently broadcast on the Sports Max sign:

  • UEFA European Football Championship
  • UEFA European Football Championship
  • Flag of Spain La Liga
  • Flag of Italy Serie A
  • Flag of England FA Cup
  • Flag of Brazil Brasileirao
  • Flag of Brazil Campeonato Carioca
  • Flag of Brazil Campeonato Paulista
  • Flag of United States Flag of Canada NBA
  • Flag of the Union of South American Nations South American Qualifiers


Satellite : Intelsat 53°W
Frequency : 3820
Pol : R 
Symb : 3255 
Encrypt : FTA (free)

Satellite : Intelsat 55.5°W 
Frequency : 4003 /3735
Pol  : 
Symb : 8680 / 10000
Encrypt : PowerVU(C-Band)

Key PowerVu :
ECM0 : B1 F0 80 DD CB 5B 4E

ECM1 : FA 50 CA 5D 50 60 A8


  1. The key is not working in my v7 receiver

  2. it the last key, see this video.